Campaign Forms

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Available Forms
Descripton Download File Type & Size
Services of CCMT
What Capitol City Medical Teams can provide your medical team and what Capitol City Medical Teams expects in return
Services of CCMT (PDF)
Services of CCMT (MS WORD)
(PDF 15K)

(DOC 25K)
Kausay Wasi Trip Information
Kausay Wasi Trip Information (PDF)
Kausay Wasi Trip Information (MS WORD)
(PDF 13K)

(DOC 43K)
Team Application
Complete the application form before your medical trip
Team Application (PDF)
Team Application (MS WORD)
(PDF 10K)

(DOC 33K)
Expense Form Instructions
Expense summary directions to summarize your expenses on your medical mission trip
Expense Form Instructions (PDF)
Expense Form Instructions (MS WORD)
(PDF 9K)

(DOC 29K)
Expense Summary Form
Form for reporting expenses on your medical mission trip
Expense Summary Form (PDF)
Expense Summary Form (MS WORD)
(PDF 13K)

(DOC 66K)
Emergency Contact Form
Contact form in case of emergency on your medical mission trip
Emergency Contact Form (PDF)
Emergency Contact Form (MS WORD)
(PDF 8K)

(DOC 25K)
General Trip Notes
Preparing for your trip
General Trip Notes (PDF)
General Trip Notes (MS WORD)
(PDF 21K)

(DOC 41K)
Fundraising Notes For Medical Trips
Thank you for your willingness to help others in need by volunteering your skills and time on your upcoming trip.
Fund Raising Notes (PDF)
Fund Raising Notes (MS WORD)
(PDF 24K)

(DOC 44K)
Checklist for Medical Trip
Important information; be sure to read.
General Trip Notes (PDF)
General Trip Notes (MS WORD)
(PDF 21K)

(DOC 41K)