Coya, Peru - June, 2010

Team Type: Ophthalmologic - Cataract

Campaign Summary: Triaged 155 patients, performed 22 medical procedures.

Abbott Medical Optics, Inc. - Santa Ana, California

Team Members:
Jeff Gault Assistant
Mary Gault, Surgical Nurse
Dr. Kyong Shane Kim, M.D. ophthalmologist
Dana Nialis, Assistant
Ashley Saulson, Assistant
Ben Saulson, Assistant
Melissa Saulson, Assistant
Dr. Roger Saulson, M.D. ophthalmologist

We arrived in Coya early on a Sunday morning, dropped our bags at the Coya Guest House, and after a brief orientation and some coca tea, we headed over to the Clinic to begin triaging patients.

We saw about 60 patients that day and set up six of them for cataract surgery the following day. We split our duties the next few days with one surgeon in the operating room while the other one saw patients. A general strike in the Sacred Valley was planned for Thursday and Friday, so the number of patients able to get to the Clinic was reduced significantly those days. The World Cup of Soccer was on the TV in the waiting area and was the focal point for the attention of waiting patients and idle staff alike.

The Clinic staff was incredibly helpful and the townspeople were very hospitable. As always, we felt very warmly received and most fulfilled after a week of giving what we have been fortunate to have.

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