Coya, Peru - June, 2009

Team Type: Plastic Surgery

Campaign Summary: There were 99 consultations and 49 surgeries performed on this trip.

Coral Gables Christian Church, Coral Gables, Florida
Project Peru, Miami, Florida

Team Members:
Lili Alonso, Nurse
Laura Barton, Nurse
Ana Bonet, Nurse
Michelle Bonte, Nurse
Bill Gehrig, Nurse
Marianela González, Nurse
Dr. Bishr Haydar, Anesthesiologist
Guillermo Maquez, Assistant
Maria Maquez, Assistant
Dr. Meraj Mouhiddin, Anesthesiologist
Dr. Pat Pazmino, Surgeon
Tony Prinzi, Assistant
Dr. Gabriel Salloum, Surgeon
Terry Schmidt, Nurse
Debbie Smith, Nurse

This trip had a lot of variety. We did 7 microcia surgeries (ear implants), 4 skin grafts, 1 biopsy, 6 lesions, 1 septoplasty (nose straightening), 4 burn revisions, 9 scar revisions, 1 frenulectomy (removal of extra folds of tissue that are used to hold something in place), 1 hemangiona (an abnormal build-up of blood in the skin) surgery, and several others. All procedures went well and the patients were recovering nicely.

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