Coya, Peru - April, 2012

Team Type: Chiropractic

Campaign Summary: Around 2,000 people were provided chiropractic services. In addition to working at the Kausay Wasi Clinic, the team visited four schools - two on the Valley Floor and two at about 12,000 feet.
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Miriam, Sandra, Dr. Komarek, Dr. Zimmerman, Gregg Marks, and Caleb Drs. Austin and Zimmerman Performing Adustments Dr. Robles-Arizmend Delivering a Gentle Adjustment at the Kausay Wasi Clinic Dr. Komarek Adjusting at the Huama School

Blossom Life Projects - Napa, California

Team Members:
Dr. Austin Komarek, Chiropractor
Gregg Marks, Filmmaker
Dr. Alexandria Robles-Arizmend, Chiropractor
Dr. Rhea Zimmerman, Chiropractor

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